In addition to repairing guitar and bass amplifiers, we specialize in modifying and customizing gear to help musicians find their own tone. We work directly with our customers to come up with modifications that satisfy their unique requirements. For example, changing the first pre-amp tube can have a dramatic effect on an amp's tone, and we offer our customers a sampling case of our best pre-amp tubes to try in their own amplifier before purchasing. We also stock a full range of speakers from Jensen, Sica, Celestion, and Peavey to bring out the most from your amplifier.

Each mod depends on the customer's requirements. For example, let us convert your Silverface Fender amp to Blackface specifications. Maybe you want your amp to break up at quieter settings, or maybe you want more clean headroom? If you find a mod online that you'd like to try, we can do it. Contact our amp tech today to discuss what customizations can be done to your gear.

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Service Rates

We charge a bench fee of $60/hr with a minimum charge of $20 on pedals and $60 on amplifiers. Our delivery service can also pick-up your equipment and drop it off when it is ready for a small charge depending on your location.

See some of the amps and effects we've built and modified on our blog or check out or facebook page.