We repair all types of guitar and bass amplifiers, tube or solid state. From replacing and biasing tubes to re-cap jobs or complete overhauls and rebuilds, we have years of experience with electronics and have access to the highest quality replacement parts. Vintage tube amps are approaching 40 years old and aging components need to be professionally replaced to achieve the best sound. As your personal amp tech, we can perform check-ups and regular maintenance to ensure that your amplifier is gig and studio ready. To help you achieve your unique tone we also offer modification services to amplifiers.

Service Rates

We charge a bench fee of $60/hr with a minimum charge of $20 on pedals and $60 on amplifiers. Our delivery service can also pick-up your equipment and drop it off when it is ready for a small charge depending on your location.

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We also have years of experience repairing new and vintage effects including wah pedals, distortion/fuzz boxes, delays and other time-based effects. We can source replacement knobs, jacks, swiches, housings and other pedal parts. We also offer modification services to effects pedals so you can customize an effect to your personal taste and tone.

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See some of the amps and effects we've built and modified on our blog or check out or facebook page.