You can save lots of time and money by having us professionally assemble DIY kits and gear. We have built studio recording equipment, synth modules, stomp boxes and even amplifiers. Some kits are unique designs and some are clones of highly sought-after and rare vintage gear. DIY kits are very economical, however they often require expensive equipment to build and can be very time consuming and complicated. Because every kit is different, let us know what you want built and we can send you an estimate.

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DIY Kit Building in Canada

If you are outside the Windsor Ontario area, Contact us about having your kit shipped directly to us from the supplier. Once the kit is built we will package it back up and mail it to you. Payments through paypal or cheque accepted.

Find kits to build

When ordering kits, be sure to order "Full Kits" that come with all necessary parts, unless you have other parts you would like us to use or substitute. Sometimes kits may only contain circuit boards, in that case we can help source all necessary components to complete your build.

There are thousands of kits to be found online, here is a few places to start:

See some of the kits we've built on our blog or on our facebook page.