Frustrating Egnater Head

I don’t usually “diss” amps, but repairing amps is a great way to see what amps are built well and what amps aren’t.

This Egnater head came in because it wasn’t powering on. An inrush current limiter had burned and blown up inside, yet the fuse next to it was perfectly fine! Despite the fact that the schematic was in chinese, I was abole to find the problem which ended up being a shorted Output Transformer (something that rarely happens with most other amps). Egnater’s service department was unresponsive by email, and when I did get them on the phone, their excuse was that their inbox gets flooded by spam. They did not think the Output Transformer was the problem, and instead wanted to send a replacement Power Transformer. In fairness to them, they did ship the output transformer under warranty in a timely manner (although they forgot the inrush current limiter I also asked for).